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Parents' Corner Wednesdays: Embracing Uncomfortability

Embracing Uncomfortability You're probably wondering what does uncomfortability have to do with parenting? I mean, like really Erica? We're parents. We’re leaders. Do we really have to embrace uncomfortability? My answer is (yep you guessed it) YES, as parents we must be able to embrace those uncomfortable moments.  Remember the first time your child took his or her first steps? Remember the excitement that you felt? The joy of knowing that your child reached an important milestone? It was the moment you embraced uncomfortability to witness the beginning of change for your child, change for your entire household. You bore witness to change and growth for the life that found the purpose of his/her legs and with great courage decided to take those first steps.  For many parents, soon after this moment, anxiety sets in and even fear of that child exploring the world around him/her with the uncomfortable knowledge that your child may in fact get hurt. What we do in these uncomforta

Empowerment Tuesdays: Decipher Truth from Perception of Truth

I know its been a minute since I blogged with the Texas Winter Storm and catching up on the day to day tasks of family life and running a private practice. However, I wanted to take the time to pour into you, to empower you on this beautiful Tuesday.  Is it True or your Perception of Truth? I know you saw my title and was like what does she mean about deciphering between Truth and Perception of Truth? Well, I'm glad you asked. First, lets acknowledge that two individuals can have different perceptions of the same event. The event, based on the perceptions can either have a positive or negative effect on you. These individuals mentioned above may respond to the same event with not only different thoughts and emotions but also different versions of what they have accepted as their truth. Please know that beliefs are formed out of what you believe to be true or consider to be fact. Now I'm not here to go into all that you believe but I did want to focus on beliefs or thoughts abou