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Parents Corner Wednesdays: Being Attentive to Different Personalities and Temperaments

Being Attentive to Different Personalities and Temperaments You might already be asking, "Erica what does different personalities and temperaments have to do with parenting? Well I'm glad you asked! Your child is an individual. Yes an individual. Which means that this child has individual needs, wants, desires and yep you guessed it, an individual personality and temperament (that may change over time).  Its important to teach and provide discipline while also being attentive to your child's personality and temperament. Also, know that what works for one child may not work for another and vice versa.  Imagine having 3 sons. One is very hard on himself even though he appears to be the jokester of the family. One is quiet and reserved oftentimes appearing that he likes to be alone however he's actually more of an introvert who enjoys family activities. One is a mixture of both described above. I'm sure that if you were to really pay attention to their different perso

Heart To Heart Fridays: A Teenager's Truth-Poem Titled "Dear Stepmom"

Dear Stepmom Dear Stepmom,  I envy you.  I really wish I did not feel this way.  You're a very strong and powerful person  and that's amazing.  However,  that's not what I envy about you.  I envy the fact that my loved ones  bow down to meet every one of your needs  while I am here stuck to fend for myself.  I strongly feel like you leave me powerless  with the glares you give me from across the room. Stepmom,  I don't mean to be selfish  but with one swoop  you came and took the necessities that were somewhat there for me.  Dear Stepmom,  I have cried and prayed many nights  that you would see that I wanted to be  a part of the family that you stole from me. It really breaks my heart when you get chosen instead of me  when I came first.  Stepmom, you left me feeling like I got replaced.  My heart aches when I see my new born baby sister because every time I look at her all I see is that I was replaced  with someone that is shiny and brand new,  like a shiny new coin, 

Friday's Life Lesson Based On Personal Experiences From A Christian Lens: Mindset

  Easter weekend I made the following post on my social media account. I wanted to really expand on this particular post from a mental health perspective. Here’s the post: Be you without crucifying another individual, the real you without the distorted perceptions or world taught judgements and criticisms, the authentic version of you, the you who once looked at the world with wonder and those around you with love. Yes, I know life can have its twists and turns, innocence can be stolen, losses can shake the very core of our souls…. But don’t allow these things to keep you in a place where you did not choose to be. As your body rises today, allow your innermost part of you to rise too! And trust me, through having trials of my own, I know that's not easy. But, neither is staying in that dark place especially if your spirit is being crushed in the process, turning you into mini versions of everything that went through you. Remind yourself of who and where your power comes from and “G