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Parents' Corner Wednesdays: Family Meetings

Are Family Meetings Necessary?      In my family I remember sitting amongst the elders, more specifically my grandparents as they shared stories of old; oftentimes with life lessons tucked in the most intricate details. Those family gatherings where everyone gathered at the dinner table may have been taken for granted as a child, but boy do I treasure those moments now. I remember learning much more than manners at the dinner table. I learned the purpose of serving another not because it was expected or out of obligation, but out of love and consideration. I learned to listen and observe just as much as I talked, if not more. It was in the company of my elders that I learned about marriage, faith, love, the value of hard work, the importance of keeping your word, history (the history often not told by our history books), educational opportunities, trades, military service, homeopathic remedies, gardening, conserving energy, and the list goes on.       No, these weren't called famil

Parents' Corner Wednesdays: Imagine-A Poem in Support of all those diagnosed with ADHD

The following poem is from my book, Strengthening The Bond Between Parent and Child: A Resource for Families Dealing with ADHD. Imagine Imagine having surround sound, always noticing everything else around you  but what you're supposed to be focusing on,  distraction after distraction, constant reminders to stay on task. It's not always like this, but the times that it isn't,  the times you're so focused that you're able to tune everything else out, these are the times you're judged by. Oh, you can focus for hours on this, but you can't focus on what you should be focused on huh? Your integrity is questioned. You're faking it they say. Control yourself, they say. Well, why don't you teach in a way that we can learn?  Don't we embrace the phrase "learning can be fun?" Build us up, empower us,  so that we can be the next inventors, creators, world discovers! It won't be easy, trust and believe that we are well aware. Know though, that

Empowerment Tuesdays: When Unmet Goals and Desires Lead to Victimized Thinking

Empowerment Tuesdays: When Unmet Goals and Desires Lead to Victimized Thinking If you looked at the title and thought no way, then I challenge you to reflect on the following statement. "Unfinished goals or desires for more in our lives can cause us to have feelings of regret. These feelings of regret can cause us to get stuck with victimized thinking." In the context of a relationship, whether with work, significant other, children, etc, if we can eliminate/work on moving past victimized thinking, we are able to assess life with more clarity and start to develop more life changing solutions. Please know that its a difference between feeling victimized and labeling yourself a victim. There's also a difference in experiencing defeat and labeling yourself defeated. If one feels defeated it's hard to even fathom setting goals let alone achieving those goals. What might encourage or empower you in this particular moment? What might motivate you to dream again or change th