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Heart to Heart Fridays: A Teenager's Truth

Heart to Heart Fridays: A Teenager's Truth Teenagers go through a lot during their teen years. They are finding themselves, losing friends, and getting heartbroken in relationships that they thought would be forever. Adults fail to realize teens also have problems going on in their lives. It may not be paying bills or providing a roof over everyone's heads, but, that little situation that is small to you, is HUGE to them. The small and slick comments that adults say about their weight and skin complexion leaves a BIG Impact on their self esteem. Saying ‘’you are too big for your age’’ or ‘’ why does your skin look like that’’ may not be harmful to you, but it can have very serious consequences. For example saying something about their weight can be the driving force behind an eating disorder. A lot of teens suffer from depression because of what their parents said about them, not realizing that their self esteem is already low and at its breaking point. A parent is a child'