Parents' Corner Wednesdays: Reflection-How Patient Am I?

Reflection: If you were to ask yourself the following question how would you answer?


How patient am I?


One of the things that we require of children is patience. To be able to wait on something, to employ delayed gratification. While a great lesson for a parent to teach, it will be a lesson that comes back void if we do not not measure our own level of patience. Stop with the lesson of "do as I say, not as I do." That’s how history ends up repeating itself.


Note: Before a teacher can teach, one has to know the material, have the ability to perform. A successful teacher is able to not only teach a lesson, but, model it as well. Whether you know it or not, modeling requires work. Before we can teach anyone anything, we have to first work on self. So ask yourself, how patient am I? How quick are you to anger, to get upset? How do you handle difficulty? Challenges? How do you handle disappointment?


The answer to your questions is what you are currently modeling to your loved ones. These are the lessons that you are teaching, whether spoken or unspoken, because your actions speak much louder than your words. 


There is someone that needs to hear this message. If you can relate to this blog post, don't just proceed with the next blog, actually think about the question and comment. And if it's not for you, please share. You never know who's life these words can change, for each day is the start of a new beginning. 


Lastly, our family does not make us whole, we make our families whole. With this perspective we are joyful, complete, firmly grounded in spite of circumstances.


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