Heart to Heart Fridays: A Teenager's Truth

Heart to Heart Fridays: A Teenager's Truth

Teenagers go through a lot during their teen years. They are finding themselves, losing friends,

and getting heartbroken in relationships that they thought would be forever. Adults fail to realize

teens also have problems going on in their lives. It may not be paying bills or providing a roof

over everyone's heads, but, that little situation that is small to you, is HUGE to them. The small and

slick comments that adults say about their weight and skin complexion leaves a BIG Impact on

their self esteem.

Saying ‘’you are too big for your age’’ or ‘’ why does your skin look like that’’ may not be harmful

to you, but it can have very serious consequences. For example saying something about their

weight can be the driving force behind an eating disorder. A lot of teens suffer from depression

because of what their parents said about them, not realizing that their self esteem is already low and

at its breaking point.

A parent is a child's first teacher so it is important that they provide that necessary bond to build their

children up, instead of tearing them down. This way, they will not have to experience the feelings of

anger towards their parents as they enter their teenage years (although I realize this can still happen).

Sometimes a teenager just needs to know that they have someone they can count on and talk about

personal issues, without it getting back to everyone else.

When a teen has the confidence to tell you how they feel, you shouldn't dismiss their feelings just

because they are not adults. Everyone has feelings, including children, and they matter just as much

as anyone else. Most of the time behind the smiles and laughter, is a cry for help, a need for a hug,

and hopes for someone to tell them to keep going.

Unfortunately, a lot of teens don't have that unconditional support in their lives. Therefore, they turn to

destructive behaviors because the loved ones in their lives have done it so much that they shut down,

choosing not to feel anymore. At this point, a teen may find it hard to make the necessary choices to

thrive. Sometimes it may not be the parents but the circumstances and environments that influence

this feeling. While this perception may be seen as "just a phase" please know that it is not "just a

phase" and that its a really trying time in a teen life.

Lastly, the support needed from parents and other loved ones could be the one protective factor in a

teen's life from self harm behaviors, especially suicide. If anyone is dealing with these issues, please

get the help needed right away. Also, It's really important to show your teen love and support ensuring

that they know their lives are meaningful. Adults in a teen's life, whether parents, family members,

teachers, etc. need to recognize that words do hurt. Maybe not physically, but it does mentally and

emotionally. That type of pain has a lasting impact and is often the hardest to overcome.

Signed~ Anonymous Teen


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