Friday's Life Lesson Based on Personal Experiences From a Christian Lens (#1 in series): Stay the Course Given By God

Life Lesson: Stay the Course Given By God

Based on personal experiences, a very important life lesson is to stay the course given by God! Always rely on His word and the vision He gave even when you may not understand or see the how. Be obedient and trust in and through the process.

Also, don't stray off course when meeting opposition. Instead, lay your cares at God's feet, allowing Him to lead and provide the clarity needed concerning your next steps. Many times we avoid a course when God may be showing us another way around the obstacle that presents itself. In my experience, the obstacles are meant to grow you, not cause you to feel defeated or be a reason for giving up.

Lastly, don't cut down a perfectly good crop when firmly planted and rooted in and by God. It will cause you to miss your season of harvest. Remember, seasons are temporary in nature. Don't become weary in well doing. 


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