Friday's Life Lesson Based on Personal Experiences From a Christian Lens: Speaking Does Not Equate to Believing (#2 in series)


Life Lesson: Speaking Does not Equate to Believing

Just because you speak something out of your mouth does not mean that "something" doesn't exist or lives on the inside of you. Scripture says that as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Thoughts are very real, especially if you've taken that thought as your truth and often reveals in your actions/inaction, keeping you stuck in dispositions or places you may not want to be in. No judgement, I am included in "you." 

Side notes: 

  • Masks eventually come off.
  • Pretense can eventually create unintentional offenses.
  • Speaking your truth doesn't make you weak.

Please know that speaking your truth doesn't make you weak. In my experience, your perception of truth when revealed to God, often presents opportunities for God to reveal His truth.

For instance:

If you never admit that you're tired, you need help, or that you don't have it all figured out, then chances are you won't stop to be refilled or you will continue on a path that is self destructive/self sabotaging. Our bodies have a way of revealing the conditions of our hearts.

In question form: How would you know that transformation or restoration is needed?

Lastly, when you say that it is well, you have to believe that it is well. Faith and unbelief are not friends; they can not coexist.


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