Empowerment Tuesdays: When Unmet Goals and Desires Lead to Victimized Thinking

Empowerment Tuesdays:

When Unmet Goals and Desires Lead to Victimized Thinking

If you looked at the title and thought no way, then I challenge you to reflect on the following statement.

"Unfinished goals or desires for more in our lives can cause us to have feelings of regret. These feelings of regret can cause us to get stuck with victimized thinking."

In the context of a relationship, whether with work, significant other, children, etc, if we can eliminate/work on moving past victimized thinking, we are able to assess life with more clarity and start to develop more life changing solutions.

Please know that its a difference between feeling victimized and labeling yourself a victim. There's also a difference in experiencing defeat and labeling yourself defeated. If one feels defeated it's hard to even fathom setting goals let alone achieving those goals.

What might encourage or empower you in this particular moment? What might motivate you to dream again or change the familiar course you've found yourself on?

Answer the following questions:

How will accomplishing my goals benefit me and my family?

Are my goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely? If not, What new goals am I willing to set?
What is holding me back?
Am I operating out of faith or fear?

What steps can I take now to accomplish my goals?


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