Parents' Corner Wednesdays: Imagine-A Poem in Support of all those diagnosed with ADHD

The following poem is from my book, Strengthening The Bond Between Parent and Child: A Resource for Families Dealing with ADHD.


Imagine having surround sound, always noticing everything else around you 
but what you're supposed to be focusing on, 
distraction after distraction,
constant reminders to stay on task.

It's not always like this, but the times that it isn't, 
the times you're so focused that you're able to tune everything else out,
these are the times you're judged by.
Oh, you can focus for hours on this,
but you can't focus on what you should be focused on huh?
Your integrity is questioned.
You're faking it they say.
Control yourself, they say.
Well, why don't you teach in a way that we can learn? 

Don't we embrace the phrase "learning can be fun?"
Build us up, empower us, 
so that we can be the next inventors, creators, world discovers!
It won't be easy, trust and believe that we are well aware.
Know though, that it's not easy for us either.
Continue to believe in us 
and we will continue to put forth our best effort!


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