Friday's Life Lesson Based On Personal Experiences From A Christian Lens: Mindset


Easter weekend I made the following post on my social media account. I wanted to really expand on this particular post from a mental health perspective.

Here’s the post:

Be you without crucifying another individual, the real you without the distorted perceptions or world taught judgements and criticisms, the authentic version of you, the you who once looked at the world with wonder and those around you with love. Yes, I know life can have its twists and turns, innocence can be stolen, losses can shake the very core of our souls…. But don’t allow these things to keep you in a place where you did not choose to be.

As your body rises today, allow your innermost part of you to rise too! And trust me, through having trials of my own, I know that's not easy. But, neither is staying in that dark place especially if your spirit is being crushed in the process, turning you into mini versions of everything that went through you.

Remind yourself of who and where your power comes from and “Get Up!!!” Shake that dust off your feet and start living instead of just existing, rejoicing, knowing that no one can take your joy, breathing as if it's your first breath again!

In therapy one of the biggest topics that we talk about are thoughts. Sometimes, our experiences can shape our thoughts by changing or affirming our core beliefs. Therefore its important to think of your core beliefs as the root of your thought process. 

If you need a visual think of your core beliefs as you would the foundation of a house. I’m not a realtor however, I do know that the foundation of a home is what allows it to continue standing. Foundational issues can affect every room of the house. In the same way, if our core beliefs are irrational, it could, and dare I say will, affect every area of our lives.

These core beliefs are what keeps you stuck. The only way to get “unstuck” is to acknowledge and challenge those core beliefs, which in turn, starts the process of changing and reframing your thought process. 

I’ll end this with some reflective poetry. After reading this poem, journal your thoughts or comment on this blog post below.


Mindset can cloud or overshadow your present 

Keeping you stuck in the ride of your past 

Existing instead of living 

Slowly but surely 

Losing sense of who you are

In a space of stagnation or regression instead of growth 

Totally focused on what was 

Preventing you from seeing what is

Making what could be

Even more impossible

To imagine or comprehend.


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