Heart To Heart Fridays: A Teenager's Truth-Poem Titled "Dear Stepmom"

Dear Stepmom

Dear Stepmom, 

I envy you. 

I really wish I did not feel this way. 

You're a very strong and powerful person 

and that's amazing. 


that's not what I envy about you. 

I envy the fact that my loved ones 

bow down to meet every one of your needs 

while I am here stuck to fend for myself. 

I strongly feel like you leave me powerless 

with the glares you give me from across the room.


I don't mean to be selfish 

but with one swoop 

you came and took the necessities that

were somewhat there for me. 

Dear Stepmom, 

I have cried and prayed many nights 

that you would see that I wanted to be 

a part of the family that you stole from me.

It really breaks my heart when you get chosen instead of me 

when I came first. 


you left me feeling like I got replaced. 

My heart aches when I see my new born baby sister because

every time I look at her

all I see is that I was replaced 

with someone that is shiny and brand new, 

like a shiny new coin, 

or a fresh crisp dollar bill.

Dear Stepmom, 

I feel less of a person 

when you criticize my appearance. 

I ask and plead to God to release me 

from feeling the way I do towards you.

It's just that you cut me deep 

and we haven't even had a full conversation yet. 

Dear Stepmom, 

I see you, 

I see the way you look at me when I bring up my Moms name, 

or try to bond with my Father. 

Dear Stepmom, 

Do you envy me too? 

Do you stare at me 

or talk down on my mom 

because you envy me/her/both? 

I don't mean to come across as stuck up 

but I can't help to feel that at some point 

you changed my life when you came in it.

You're so powerful, 

that I think that my dad would cut me off 

just to make you happy. 

Dear Stepmom,

I know that I said we don't have a relationship 

But it overwhelms me 

that you guys went and made a brand new family from scratch 

like I wasn't good enough. 

You make me go even harder 

to prove that I'm worth it 

that I actually deserve that life with my parents 

and all of the father daughter dances

and homemade mother's day gifts that come with it. 

I want to have that fairytale family that

I once imagined throughout my childhood years. 

Until my day comes,

 I tell myself 

that I have no problem 

waiting for my turn 

On the sidelines

But yet 

I do....


From a Teen's heart


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