I'm Back: When Grief Catches You By Surprise


Yes, I know its been a minute. But, I didn't leave you all, I promise! Last year, my family experienced so much mourning back to back, that it affected the oldest to the youngest in our household. We lost my grandfather, dad, aunt, cousins; whew, the list is long when you think of who they were to so many people. Its crazy how many people our family lost in one year's time!

This blog post isn't to pour out though; its to pour into you. When grief is experienced, the number one important thing for you to do is make time and space for you to grieve without judgement. How you deal with grief may not be the same as how another person in your family deals with grief. Just know that however a person deals with grief is not up for judgement. Self Care will be paramount for everyone in your household.

One way, you can be supportive of someone who is grieving, is by being there for them. You don't have to say anything, just your presence alone is comforting. Supplying a need, perhaps providing food for the family, can be comforting. A simple text that says "I'm here if you need anything" is comforting. 

If you are experiencing grief right now and you're reading this, I'm encouraging you to hold on to the memories but release the emotions. Allow yourself to feel and hold on,
as the waves can sometimes be gentle one minute and crashing onto the shore the next.

Here's a poem that I wrote in the midst of our grieving. It's called A Whirlwind Of Grief

A of Whirlwind of Grief

Have you ever experienced  a whirlwind of grief? The kind that happened back to back. The kind that was shocking and unexpected. The kind that knocked the very breath out of you and taunted you with questions like was this just a bad dream kind of grief?

The kind that leaves you 

realizing you are in fact mortal

That you only have one life to live

That time is even more precious than money

And people more valuable than their works.

The kind that leaves you speechless and not quite sure of how to pick up the pieces?

Yes, that kind of grief.

If you have, I’m here, finally understanding the heart behind “Mourn with those who Mourn”


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